Finnish, ecological purity for your home

Pohjan Neito and Pohjan Akka are high-quality home cleaners for a consumer who carries the responsibility of his ecological footprint. Products have a Nordic Eco Lable (Joutsenmerkki, Swan Label) which certificates the process of manufacturing and ingredients of products to be totally environmental-friendly. All products are manufactured in Finland for which signed with a Key Flag Symbol.
The efficiency of these detergents is proven in tests and by many satisfied users. In the product category you can find cleaners for all surfaces of your home. 

General purpose cleaners with three different fresh, but still mild scents and a little toner to make the cleaning of your house easier and happier. There is also a special allergy-tested, a totally colorless and odorless detergent. Products are bottled in easy-to-use spray bottles. Some products are available in condenced formulas to be used as such for a very plum dirt or to be diluted to the reusable spray bottles.
Cleaners for sanitary facilities and bathrooms are available in spray and condenced-liquid bottles. These detergents effectively removes stains and calcium residues leaving a dirt-repellent surface.

Pohjan Neito dishwashing detergent has achieved good test results of its’ grease removal abilities being still very gentle for hands and skin.

The window cleaner is an effective, powerful spray which does not leave tracks on any glass surface.

The products are manufactured by Viherneito Oy. 

General Purpose Cleaners,

Dishwashing and Sanitary Cleaners

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